b. 1994, State College, Pennsylvania

lives & works in Brooklyn, New York

My work incorporates personal narratives and timelines of technological progress that are synthesized by consumer electronics. I see electronic devices as objects of devotion, vessels that contain and inform memory, sites of visceral interactions between the animate and inanimate, and mediators of communication. My sculptures, made of clay and found technology detritus, are recognizable but resist immediate identification. I draw from design languages that emphasize serial rigidity, intuitive functionality, and visual simplicity, but my work is offset from manufactured aesthetics. I imbue my work with a tactile softness that is a natural product of using my hands as my primary tools. The gentle corners, smoothed additions, and hazy surfaces of my work point toward incomplete memories of interactions with objects. I aim to make forms that are a convergence of private and cultural experience, using the visual aesthetics and symbolism of functional devices as catalysts.